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Our Rooms

Our Nursery has 4 play areas that cater for different ages and stages of development. Each room is spacious, airy and bright. The building is well heated in winter and fully air-conditioned in summer and is designed in a way which enhances the learning and development of all the children.

Diamond (3 months-18 months)

This room are specifically designed to cater for our youngest children. This room provide babies with a comfortable and peaceful environment. With routines and activities specially designed for growing babies.

With a dedicated sleep area for rest and quite times. Meal times are specifically designed to cater for babies that are weaning and at the early stages of feeding.

Ruby (18months-3 years)

This room is for our toddlers, from the stages of early walking to confidence in mobility. A range of activities that supports all areas of development are provided in the room.

Helping children to become more independent through support and encouragement by our dedicated staffs
It provides a range of activities such as messy play, creative, reading and writing and is fully resourced to keep the children stimulated and happy throughout the day.

This is where our children take their first steps in toilet training and we aim to have them out of nappies and confident to use the toilets by the time they are ready to move up.

Emerald (3-5 years)

This is the room for our pre-school children, where their skills are enhanced and gain more confidence to be independent and school ready.

The layout of the room provides free access to all learning areas throughout the day; the children are encouraged to learn through play helping them get ready to move into a school environment.

The staffs in the Emerald room work closely with local schools ensuring children are learning the skills they will need later on.
Some of the activities provided in this room are, sand and water play, small world play, music, dance, Phoenics, reading and writing, and a range of physical activities.

Pearl (5-8 years)

This room is for our Breakfast and Afterschool Children. We offer a reliable breakfast/after school child care service for children at school age. We provide a happy, safe, stimulating environment that will allow your child to develop and have fun whilst at our club. Our Breakfast Club service offers childcare from 7am until the school day begins providing a healthy and wide selection of breakfasts to choose from (see menu). Children who attend breakfast club are provided with a selection of play opportunities in friendly environment. The After School Club services collect children from their schools and escorts them safely to our after school club setting. Once returned to our setting we provide children with a relaxed environment where they can freely choose activities and toys to participate in and play with.


Working together to make your child’s experiences fun


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