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Our Meals

A balanced diet and fresh meals are very important to the health and well-being of every child.

All our meals are prepared and delivered hot by a catering department from the London borough of greenwich which consist of well-balanced and nutritional combinations of minerals, vitamins and other healthy ingredients, which help to support the growth and development of each child.

However, we serve snacks tea fruits and light refreshments within the nursery. We use meal and snack times to help children develop independence through making choices, serving food and drink and feeding themselves. We provide children with clean utensils which are appropriate for their age and stage of development and which take account of the eating practices in their cultures.

  • We have fresh drinking water constantly available for the children. We inform the children about how to obtain the water and that they can ask for water at any time during the session/day.
  • We offer children milk or water at snack times in all the rooms of the nursery. 
  • Allergies and special dietary requirements are Obtained from parents/careers of the children in our care through our registration process.
  • All peanut products are not permitted at nursery due to allergies. Also sweets and fizzy drinks are discouraged.
  • It is the responsibility of the management team to notify OFSTED of any food poisoning affecting two or more children looked after on the premises. Notification will be made as soon as is reasonably practicable and within 14 days of the incident. If this step is not completed the registered person will be failing to comply with requirements and will be committing an offence.

We take into consideration individual dietary requirements, e.g. medical or religion related diets, vegetarian and vegan food. We include breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch,tea and evening snack.

Please note that the selection below is an example of regular meals we serve. We aim to ensure that children benefit from a well-balanced diet.

Any special dietary requirements, requested by parents, be it on medical or religious grounds, are taken into account.

Please have a look at the sample of our monthly menu menu:


Sample Menu Download


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